Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Battle - Log IKS Drak - Captain Kregan Reporting

I came across a very unusual situation today. 4 Romulan Bird's of Prey (the foul P'Taks, stealing the name of a glorious Klingon Battle Ship!) were attacking a Federation vessel. I remained cloaked and observed. At the start of the battle, the federation ship had no power and no shields. Seizing the moment, I decloaked and had a small party of my best warriors beam into one of their empty cargo bays.

I wish I'd waited a moment, because out of nowhere, a federation ship of an unknown configuration dropped out of warp and blasted three of the Romulans to nothing in seconds flat. Today is a good day to die, but not to foolishly give up my life and the lives of my crew. I recloaked and went to warp. The High Command needs to know of this new Federation threat to the Empire!

I hope that J'ole, K'lee, B'Ranna, Kronk, K'urg and Klang died well on board that federation ship. I shall raise a glass of Blood Wine and scream to let Sto'Vo'Kor know there are Klingon Warriors on their way!